Fear of Blogging! :-(

I feel I'm not ready to blog (and I'm sure I'm not alone) ... but as I heard somewhere ... the best way to done is through begin.

I am 55 years old and I am a very fortunate guy. I have few friends, but the ones I have are excellent :-). I am involved with some successful businesses where I am able to utilize my skills in hotel construction, hotel operations, Information Technology, business process, living, working, and doing business all over the world, etc.

I will say that the longer I work, the less I feel that I know, but I truly and honestly believe that the learning process should never stop. :-) And what I want to do is to be able to help people who could use my expertise or experience. And I want to set up an online business to be able to do exactly that.

However, I realized some time ago that I am not very happy, and I'm not very free, not to mention that five to six years ago, my health was atrocious.

I got my health turned around ... it took awhile ... but I'm probably in the best health of my life right now and still getting better. That is what allowed me to get to the point where I realized I wasn't that happy. I would like to be free - and going through a perfect day exercise was quite an experience for me. So I am making progress on where I WANT to be ... Now ... how to get there? :-)

My current challenges to being free.

Current Commitments. Well when you have responsibilities you have to carry through on them. 'A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.' No way to indicate John Wayne's inimitable drawl in blog :-). So all I can do is ensure they are taken care of before moving on.

Fear of being public. Frankly, I'm terrified of being out on the Internet. I didn't realize how much until I started this challenge. Why? It is a combination of being in the military in my distant past, and being somewhat of an introvert. It instilled a sense of ... paranoia would be too strong a word ... privacy or anonymity. The thought of revealing oneself on a medium like the Internet is terrifying to me. But,I want to meet people of like mind and outlook, and help them. There isn't a better way to do this that I am aware of. So this post is my first step to try to just get over it. I just have to be careful, because, sometimes, in all seriousness, if one is a foreigner on the ground in Asia doing business, there is reason to be cautious.

Fear of being old. I feel like I have started too late. That's ridiculous really, but I'm having a hard time talking myself out of it. I hope if I get out of my shell and talk to good people of a similar mindset that it will help.

Worried that my skills aren't needed. Building hotels and running businesses overseas I just feel is a niche market. Information Technology is not but still I have no idea who would be interested. Well ... I guess the best way to find out is to put myself out there and see what happens. :-)