Finding your tribe

Although I understand and really identify with the idea of a tribe ... I remember from a podcast somebody, I believe Seth Godin, talking about finding the smallest number of people that you can have a positive impact on. I have yet to find that tribe, although I have a good idea of where to start looking.

Unfortunately, I'm living a very isolated life in many ways. I recognize this and it is the main reason that I started to expand my horizons so that I could open my eyes to the world around me. But I don't have anybody I know personally that I can speak with about this. 'This' being trying to find and form a tribe online and generate income by actively helping people in my tribe. I don't personally know anybody who has engaged in this lifestyle. That Zig Ziglar quote? About one being the average of the 5 people one spends the most time around? I think about that at least once a week. The few people I spend the most time with are good people and highly successful, but have no interest in pursuing the online Freedom paradigm. Realizing this about a year ago is what drove me to expand my horizons.

And there have been two people who have inspired me a lot to pursue this. A lady named Heather who runs the Republic of Freedom website and Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur. My first forays into expanding my horizons had me listening to the podcasts of a gentleman who, although not a bad person at all, was nonetheless pretty negative. But I am grateful to him because he had both Natalie and Heather on his podcast, which is how I found them. And thanks to the Mesquite Bandit for introducing me to the first podcaster because that is what finally got me moving. :-)

They inspired me because they [Heather & Natalie] were open, honest, friendly people, with a genuine enthusiasm for life, the world, and a positive approach to doing business. And I wanted to be like them, not just to be able to have an alternate form of income that matched me and the lifestyle I want to have, but because they made me realize that I wanted to know them, and people like them. Hence, be a part of their tribe as well.

So I am hoping that I find my tribe, and expand my horizons. And I thank the people who are helping me to try.