Where I've Been - A Global Perspective

Oct 2018 - Colombia was country #60 :-) … And I loved it! … Diagonal stripes = Worked or Lived in that Country

Oct 2018 - Colombia was country #60 :-) … And I loved it! … Diagonal stripes = Worked or Lived in that Country

Birth Culture: American

Raised In:

Pakistan / Indian Sub-continent
Africa (Sierra Leone & Ethiopia)
Middle-East (Kuwait)
South-East Asia (Vietnam + Philippines)

Education: England / America / Home Study

Worked In:

Saudi Arabia
Philippines / Singapore / Thailand / Japan
Numerous others [Europe, Canada, Asia]

I'm A Local In:


  • Buenos Aires
  • Istanbul
  • Manila
  • Bangkok
  • Hong Kong
  • Toronto

A brief TCK life sketch ...

My father was a Civil Engineer and worked extensively on the foreign aid driven infrastructure push for the developing world during the 60's and 70's. My mother had been a nurse but followed my father overseas and became a foodie including writing several cookbooks. Of course in those days, they were not known as foodies :-).

I was educated eclectically, although my core education was at a Jesuit boarding school in England (while my parents were in West Africa and the Philippines), and my degree was from a small liberal arts college in the American West (my parents were worried about me adapting to American culture :-) ... and they were right.

After a brief, though intense, college stint, I entered the military for about 10 years and got married to my best friend during that time. However, various life changes, including an [amicable] divorce, led me to following in my father's footsteps by working overseas. I started in Turkey, then migrated east over the years; Saudi Arabia, then Asia. And Asia is where I have remained, although this year and next I am residing in South America half the year - and that is turning out to be quite the experience.

I have a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an MBA in International Management. My work experience has included running international divisions of a Japanese multi-national, Network Design, IT Systems Integration, and Hotel construction. I'm single, although I have one son, and I still count my ex-wife as one of my best friends :-).

I can get by in several languages (basic - French, Turkish :-) ... mainly through lack of practice - I can read and write Thai (barely) and speak at a very basic level - My Tagalog is bare bones - I have always found it difficult to learn a language in a country where the primary language is English - And I am studying Spanish while I spend time in South America for the next two years. [Update - As of August 2018. I can speak intermediate Spanish, my vocabulary is 2000 words and growing, biggest stumbling block is understanding rapid fire Spanish speakers - which is all of them :-)]